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10 x Quartz Extra Long 31mm Shaft Mechanism and Hands

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10 x Quartz DIY ticking clock movement, Extra Long 31mm shaft mechanism and hands

Condition New  

10 x 31mm shaft length quartz clock movement which comes complete with movement, choice of hands, this is the longest shaft movement we stock with a total spindle length of 31mm. Dimensions

Movement measures 55mmx 55mm x 17mm
The shaft/spindle length is 31mm (the threaded section measures 25mm) and will allow a dial/clock face thickness of up to 24mm (25mm if the movement is glued into place).
Large range of hands to choose from (24mm-130mm) in differing colours
(please see photos for detailed measurements and hand range)

Additional information

Hour / Minute Hands

24mm Black Spade, 24mm Gold Spade, 29mm Black Pointed, 29mm Gold Pointed, 36mm Black Spade, 36mm Gold Spade, 48mm Black Spade, 48mm Gold Spade, 50mm Black Ornate, 50mm Gold Ornate, 60mm Black Ornate, 60mm Gold Ornate, 65mm Black Spade, 65mm Gold Spade, 73mm Silver Spade, 76mm Black Ornate, 76mm Gold Ornate, 86mm Black Pointed, 86mm Gold Pointed, 86mm Silver Pointed, 95mm Black Thin Pointed, 95mm Gold Thin Pointed, 98mm Black Ornate, 98mm Gold Ornate, 110mm Black Spade, 110mm Gold Spade, 119mm Black Straight, 119mm Silver Straight, 119mm Gold Straight, 130mm Black Straight, 130mm Gold Straight

Second Hand

Black, Silver, Red (Gold Centres), Gold

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