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20 x Long Shaft Sweep Quartz Clock Movements And Hands

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20 x Long Shaft (for clock dials with a thickness up to 12mm) Sweep Quartz Clock Movement
Condition New 

Long Shaft Quartz Sweep clock movement ideal for dials with a thickness up to 12mm, there are a variety of hands to choose from please choose what you would like in the drop down menu.

Movement dimensions:
Total shaft length of 22mm

70mm high (with hanger) x 55mm wide x 16mm deep (excluding shaft)
The hanger can easily be removed with a small saw or craft knife if you do not have room for it
The height of the movement without the hanger is 55mm

Centre hole needed in dial 8mm to 10mm

Additional information

Hour / Minute Hands

24mm Black Spade, 24mm Gold Spade, 29mm Black Pointed, 29mm Gold Pointed, 36mm Black Spade, 36mm Gold Spade, 48mm Black Spade, 48mm Gold Spade, 50mm Black Ornate, 50mm Gold Ornate, 60mm Black Ornate, 60mm Gold Ornate, 65mm Black Spade, 65mm Gold Spade, 73mm Silver Spade, 76mm Black Ornate, 76mm Gold Ornate, 86mm Black Pointed, 86mm Gold Pointed, 86mm Silver Pointed, 95mm Black Thin Pointed, 95mm Gold Thin Pointed, 98mm Black Ornate, 98mm Gold Ornate, 110mm Black Spade, 110mm Gold Spade, 119mm Black Straight, 119mm Silver Straight, 119mm Gold Straight, 130mm Black Straight, 130mm Gold Straight

Second Hand

Black, Silver, Red (Gold Centres), Gold

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