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Replacement Seiko (SKP) eyeshaft quartz clock movement 17mm long shaft

£12.99 + VAT


SKP (seiko) quartz clock movement with a 17mm shaft.

Measurements of the movement are 55mm x 55mm x 14mm.
Total Shaft length is 17mm and is suitable for a clock face up to 7mm,

Has an eyeshaft fitting and will accept euroshaft hands if the minute hand collet is modified slightly,
Please let us know if you order the hands and you would like us to bush the hands to fit these movements

Total thickness of shaft: 8mm Hour shaft: 5.0mm Minute shaft: 2.8 x 3.9mm (threaded eyeshaft)
Takes 1xAA battery (not supplied)
Please select which minute hand fitting you require from the drop down menu and add to cart.

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